Video: Awwwkward HBO Go Ads

I could NOT stop laughing when I saw this advert. We’ve all been through it before: having the enormous misfortunate of finding ourselves seated next to a parent as a sex scene unfolds onscreen. Things start getting steamy….flirtatious…and we just pray that slut doesn’t take off her pants while you’re sharing a bowl of popcorn with your dad…and…. then they’re off. Should you fake a bathroom run? Freeze? Hoping you can camouflage yourself into the awkwardness that surrounds you? And then there they are onscreen, huffing and puffing, full-on doin’ the dirty. There’s no escaping now. You must surrender to the fact that you and your father will be watching two people have sex for the next 20 seconds…1 minute…3 minutes…Come on, hurry up already!  Yup, this is awkward.

HBO Go has created a brilliantly hilarious series of adverts that capitalise on this awkwardness. Watch. And just be thankful it isn’t you.

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