Undefeated Documentary: Football Reveals Character


MF and I recently watched the 2011 Oscar winning documentary, Undefeated. I have to admit, I’m a true sucker for sports movies, but this one is truly one of my favourites.  If you’re not a huge sports fan, play sports or even exercise, don’t worry. This is one of those movies that isn’t really about the sport. It’s about something deeper.

Coach Bill Courtney tries to bring a struggling high school football team, the Manassas Tigers of Memphis, through a winning season. Something that’s never happened before. As you watch the season unfold, you realise that winning isn’t necessarily about the scoreboard, but something that happens within each player, little victories of restraint, kindness and character. Coach Courtney’s inspirational words throughout the film will touch you and motivate you, as if you were part of his team. He shows these kids (even though they look like 30 year olds) that despite their unfortunate circumstances, they just have to keep fighting, keep trying, to never be mentally defeated. I have so much respect for him and other coaches, other teachers like him.  These are the true heroes of our country.


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