Tommy Clarke: British Photographer Finds Beauty From Above


Written by Emily Packer

I love looking out an airplane window and seeing the world in miniature form. Large forests become a pointillism painting. Cars driving at 80mph on the freeway become tiny ants scurrying around. Coastlines become beautiful abstract pieces of art you could hang on your living room wall. With one blink of the eye, you’ve captured a visual memory that can transport you to a state of serenity, well after you’ve landed.

tommy clarkeIf you’re looking for a reminder of that feeling – the feeling of being thousands of miles away from earth, the excitement of landing in a new or familiar place, the overwhelming sense of beauty found in the unfamiliar – look no further than the work of British photographer, Tommy Clarke. I came across his art in this month’s Conde Naste Traveller, in which his aerial photographs of the Cargil salt ponds in San Francisco, Bondi Beach in Australia, and the Great Salt Lake in Utah are featured. I was instantly mesmerised by his photos, and needed to learn more.

After looking through his website, I learned that this London-based photographer has traveled to some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, from Antigua to Saint Tropez to Mexico, hanging out of helicopters to get the perfect shot. Truly incredible work. Follow Tommy Clarke on instagram and I guarantee you won’t last long before buying one of his photographs…. perhaps “South Beach in Antigua“?

What are things that inspire you?”

“Travel! Encompassing culture, food, people, landscape, nature, wildlife, adventure and all that comes with getting lost somewhere. I do draw from other photographers for technical inspiration but largely booking a ticket and just going exploring is what inspires and excites me.” (Interview from The Lost Guides)






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