Tick Tock: 3 Kickstarter Film Projects You’ll Want to Support Now

“CLANDESTINE follows Emmanuel and Olu who are Snatched from their home by militia and transported to a Libyan detention centre where refugees are regularly held and extorted for money. Massively overcrowded with no sanitation, The Couple find their new surroundings a jarring contrast to the life they lived before Libya descended into war. When the Guards realise Emmanuel is educated, they do their best to extort everything they can from him before learning his true weakness – his wife. Where Starvation, Torture and Rape are the norm, Emmanuel must do everything he can to get himself and Olu on a boat to Europe. ALL PROFITS FROM THE FILM WILL BE DONATED TO MSF to support the heroic work of doctors involved in search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean.”



“THE JUSTNESS PROJECT videos will document the real-time progress of individual client stories around the world. You’ll follow along first-hand as I work each country’s justice system from the inside out and utilize local laws as they’re intended to be used to protect my clients.

You’re going to see what I see; you’re going to meet who I meet. You’re going to meet my people – my fixers – and the people I work with directly in each of these countries. You’re going to go to tribal villages and you’re going to see the refugee camps. All with an aim of giving a voice to the voiceless at the ground level and rocking the legal systems around the globe.”

“Set against the wild majesty of the Himalayas in the Indian province of Ladakh, OF WOMAN AND EARTH tells of the trials, tribulation and triumph of three elderly nomadic women whose life stories have unfolded in The Tibetan Plateau. With themes that explore spirituality and women’s roles within the nomadic community, the film progresses in the harsh landscape and with rapidly changing climatic conditions and cultural changes spurred by modernisation.”


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