Third Space Gym + A Murad Facial

A few weeks ago, I was talked into participating in the SUPER SPRINT triathlon event at MF’s gym, Third Space, in Soho. Of course, being five months pregnant was no excuse not to do it. Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve managed to continue exercising 2-3 times a week, spinning and running/waddling outside, so was up for the challenge… though not so enthused about the swimming bit.  Many people sounded concerned when I told them I was doing this, but like my doctor and health professionals have told me: if you know your limits, take it easy, and have been exercising prior and during, it’s actually GOOD for you and your baby!! Besides, I wasn’t planning on setting any new world records, just finishing would be good enough! …little did I know, I would finish in the top three.

Over the next hour, I completed 20 laps in their indoor poor, 20K on the stationary bike, and ran 5K on one of their treadmills. The chiseled men in my “heat” were London marathon runners and triathlete regulars, but they kindly cheered me on, regardless of me ruining our group average. At the start, MF had proudly reminded them of my kangaroo status (ie baby in the pouch) and their reaction was nothing but supportive. It was nice.

Luckily, there were only three female participants at this particular SUPER SPRINT triathlon, and therefore I landed a spot in the top three! Woop woop! My prize was not only a lovely goody bag from Whole Foods full of coconut water, energy bars, and fruit, but…..wait for it…..a 60 minute facial at the Third Space spa!! YESSSS. Needless to say, I booked an appointment that same week.

I’ve had many facials before, but this one was different. Which is why I felt compelled to write an entire blog post (with accompanying video) about it. Upon arriving, I had a 10 minute chat with my lovely (and completely wrinkle free…I mean, seriously, not one line!) facialist, Cydclaire. She asked about the state of my skin, any concerns, etc. and then recommended various treatments that would best suit my needs. I explained how the sunburn I got in Fiji back in my teen years had left bursted blood vessels just below my eyes, and how pregnancy has given me the gift of constant heat flashes. Those two factors made the Redness Reducing Treatment a good choice.

After slightly inclining the back of the table, ensuring that me and my belly were comfortable, Cydclaire began applying Dr. Murad’s facial products. When a certain mask needed to soak in a bit longer, she would massage my arms and shoulders, calmly distracting me from any itches. Dr. Murad’s line is full of natural products that are meant to hydrate deep below the skin. That sounds like a load of hoo-ey poo-ey, doesn’t it? But this was no joke. After an hour of pure relaxation, I left the Third Space Spa with skin that felt incredibly dewy, hydrated, and rejuvenated.  Even MF, without being prompted, commented on the glowing state of my skin.

In the days that followed, I was reminded of my glorious facial through the three sample pots Cydclaire had given me: the correcting moisturiser, recovery treatment gel, and sensitive skin soothing serum. Now that they’ve run out, I may just need to restock. Whether you’re looking for new skin products or not, what I will say is this, if you’re ever in London and in need of a facial: I would highly recommend visiting the Third Space Spa. You won’t regret it.

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