The Wonderful World of Paul Octavious on Instagram

If you live in London (or presumably any big city), you may have noticed the Apple World Gallery ads posted all over the place. Incredible, high-quality pictures that regular users have taken with their very own iPhone6 cameras. One such photographer is Paul Octavious (with his rainbow hand shot), a “Chicago based time-traveller and photographer” as he proclaims on his instagram account. I’ve been following him for quite awhile now, and I absolutely love his style. He has an amazing eye for framing, colour, lighting, and the ability to create a rapport with those following him, as he often sneaks himself into his pictures: hands, feet, what he’s eating, family, friends…they’re all there.  Whenever I come across one of his pictures, they feed my creative soul with something special. I think it’s called being inspired…

Check out his Instagram page here, or have a look at his website.


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