The Telepathic Mommy Club


One of the surprising things about becoming a mom is the camaraderie. You know how when you’re out running (particularly in shitty weather conditions) and a fellow runner passes you by, looks you in your sweat-stained eyes, and nods? The Nod, of course, says, “I feel you, girl. We’re pretty awesome right now running in the rain when we could be on the couch at home. Look at all these lazy people walking around. We’re running dammit! Run on my new runner friend! Run on!” Sometimes if your new runner friend is really struggling, you’ll just get the “I don’t want to be running right now” half-smile, or if it’s really a rough day, a long “f*** I’m tired” crazy-eyed gaze. Maybe not as peppy as The Nod, but those other two are still an acknowledgement of your current status in the world as a runner. Exact same thing with moms.

Whether your baby is giggling adorably in your arms, or screaming bloody murder for absolutely no reason, fellow moms will walk by and in one look, one simple nod, understand you. Dare I say support you as well. Over the past 8 months, I’ve had many telepathic conversations with moms. Sometimes it was for my benefit, sometimes it was for theirs. The “Oh I’ve been there, sweetheart” sigh, accompanied by a “You’re doing a great job – these kids are just bonkers!” glance.  I have to say, it’s nice to know this community exists. Yes, having real non-stranger moms to actually talk to is even better, but every once in awhile, when you need that unexpected pickup, just take a look around. You’re not alone!

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