Eat Your Next Meal From a Leaf (really!) thanks to Leaf Republic

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Written by Emily Packer

It’s easy to feel like no matter what we do, our planet is doomed. You try to bring your own durable bag to the grocery store, but sometimes you forget. You attempt to locate a recycling bin for your takeaway plastic cutlery, but nothing is nearby. We’re in trouble, you think… But then you come across an initiative like Leaf Republic’s 100% natural plates made from leaves – yes leaves! – and it gives you a surge of hope for the future of our planet.

We all know that single-use throw-away plastic bottles, cutlery, plates, etc is harmful to our environment. But the reality is, there will always be a need for them. So what do we do? Enter Leaf Republic. Their vision is simple. “Outdoor tableware, as renewable and biodegradable as a leaf falling from a tree.”

The Leaf Republic team is now putting nature in your hands, producing fully biodegradable and renewable tableware. Beautifully designed, this eco-friendly product is comprised of a group of leaves that are sewn together using fibers from palm leaves. The middle layers is made of paper from leaves, and the three layers are compressed together to create a solid, all-natural (and water-proof, I should add!) plate for your next BBQ! “That’s it. No plastics, additives, oil, glue, chemicals… Only leaves. ”

They’re currently looking for supporters on Kickstarter with only 18 days to go! Help them “leaf” plastic tableware behind and produce more eco-friendly plates that biodegrade in just 28 days! Watch the video below to learn more about Leaf Republic and their products.


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