Video: Who is SLOMO?

Anyone whose ever visited or lived in Pacific Beach, California, knows about SLOMO. I first learned of him one summer in high school while working at a beach shop along the boardwalk. All of a sudden, there he was. This old man, frozen in some sort of yoga position, gliding by on roller blades. His movements slow. His face relaxed. How strange, I thought. Who is that guy? For all of you wondering the same thing, watch this short documentary by director Josh Izenberg and get to know the man inside the blades: Dr. John Kitchin. The incredible skating shots, his moving life story, and the Pacific Beach sunshine literally gave me goosebumps.

One thought on “Video: Who is SLOMO?

  1. Thanks Emily! WOW! Wonderful to see this film about SLOMO! I had heard of him of course; but never seen him. However, I do remember similar spiritually free individuals from my own youth on Santa Monica/Venice beaches. Great memories and inspiring film! Bisous to you, MF and baby to be 🙂

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