Our Pregnancy Photos in SW9


When I entered my third trimester, I knew I wanted to have pregnancy photos taken. Up until then, my bump was quite small. Most people struggled to differentiate it’s appearance from just another English beer belly (…totally understandable – I’ve hesitated myself in the past). Unfortunately, unless I was simultaneously carrying around a jar of pickles and complaining about swollen ankles (neither of which I did), it wasn’t totally obvious – and thus, difficult to use that magic pregnancy free pass to steal people’s seats and cut ahead in the queue.

However, in the last few months my stomach has miraculously transformed into a soccer ball size kangaroo pouch – with my little baby boy snuggled up inside. After it “popped,” as they say, I became instantly proud of the size and sheer existence of my bump as a life-creating incubator. No more “Baby on Board” badges necessary. I’m finally identified by strangers as a “pregnant woman” – and happily accept all the perks that come with it. 🙂 For myself, the more pregnant I look, the more pregnant I feel, and the feeling is wonderful. As the two week countdown til my due date begins, I’m absolutely thrilled we decided to have photographs taken to forever remember the past 9 months of excitement, change, and complete awe at what the human body is capable of doing.

Not one for the cheesy, super-posed pregnancy pictures you often find, I decided to scout out a street photographer who could document this exciting time in a more natural way. After looking through dozens of websites of London photojournalists, I came across Gary Cohen at Streetographer.com. He had no previous “pregnancy photo” experience, which made him perfect. I explained we wanted raw, black and white photographs that showed a day-in-the-life, nothing posed. Well, I can tell you that for someone who is usually working BEHIND the camera, it was difficult at first for me to be in FRONT of the camera, but Gary did a great job making us feel calm and relaxed. He used two film cameras throughout the day, staying with us for four hours as we visited the Brixton food market and M&S, watched episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, made a lunch of fresh spring rolls, practiced meditation for the birth, packed our hospital bag, cut our cat’s nails, and read magazines in bed.

We were SO EXCITED to look through the finished product last night…..and the photographs are everything we had hoped for! Thank you so much to the talented Gary Cohen for his amazing work! We couldn’t be happier! Below are some of my favourite shots from our beloved SW9.

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4 thoughts on “Our Pregnancy Photos in SW9

  1. WOWOW !!!
    Thank you Emily and Will for sharing these beautiful photos with us and letting us be a part of this very special time in your lives ! We are excited as you are !!!

  2. Wonderful pictures ! Merci beaucoup. Vous êtes trop beaux !!! Je suis ému et très touché de retrouver dans cette affectueuse intimité le couple que j’ai eu l’honneur, le bonheur et le privilège de marier !! :-)) Nous attendons tous le 25 août avec presque autant d’impatience que les parents et les grands-parents…
    Bises et affection, we love you !
    007 & Bev

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