Pregnancy Boobs Meet Lingerie

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So what’s the most exciting thing about being pregnant? Finding out the gender! OK after you’ve found out the gender AND felt the little one moving around for the first time…the most exciting thing about being pregnant is….. the boobs!! They jiggle, they fill out a bra, they have given me the gift of cleavage! I find myself wanting to go to first base….with myself. Somehow being pregnant has turned me into a horny middle-schooler. But seriously, they’re awesome.

Having forever lived in the world of AA bras, I’m obsessed with my new, free boob job. These newfound lady lumps (and confidence, even as my belly grows) has sparked my curiosity into the world of lingerie. I recently learned that one of my favourite models, Gisele Bunchen, has put her Victoria Secret expertise to use by starting up her own lingerie line, Gisele Intimates, offering python print corsets, hot pink camisoles, and sexy black lace bras at a fairly reasonable price.  While you’d currently have to speak Portugese to navigate its website, don’t worry! Apparently there are plans to open Gisele Bunchen Intimates stores in London, New York, Los Angeles and other major cities in 2015. Isso é sexy!

Photos courtesy of the Gisele Intimates website

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