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A few months ago, MF and I found ourselves in the Atlanta airport with some time to spare. Like anyone, there are only two things to do at an airport: eat and shop. After wiping the fast food grease off our fingers, we decided to poke around the electronics store for some headphones. Bam! Right away, a perky salesman greeted us with probably the best opening line ever: “First, let me show you something awesome….then we can talk about all the other shit in here.” Well OK then.

Seconds later, a pair of black Parrot Zik Wireless headphones were flung around MF’s neck, the pure awesomeness of the design explained with a few flicks of the finger. Featuring the full range of A-Z technologies, the Zik includes bluetooth connectivity, near field communication, four microphones, a touch-control panel, noise cancellation for 98% of ambient noise, head detection, and a jawbone sensor for speech, all packaged in the too-cool-for-school Phillipe Starck design (complete with his trademark orange accents). I mean, what more could you want? Sold.

Since exchanging a nice wad of ca-ca-cash for the Zik (about $400), MF’s been experiencing its amazing features first hand. Discovery! You can choose your own listening experience: meaning music can be played as if you were in a concert hall, jazz club or your own living room, among other options.

The cushiony ear cups allow you to completely (and comfortably) disconnect from the world around you. Someone calling? The headphones automatically connect to the bluetooth, just talk normally. Someone annoyingly tapping you on the shoulder? When moved off your ears, the music automatically pauses. Changing tracks or tweaking the volume also couldn’t be easier: the touch-control panel on the side responds to your finger’s up/down/across movement commands. Pretty cool huh?

Back in London, MF swears Samuel L. Jackson was checking out his headphones one day on the tube.


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