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A couple weeks ago, MF gleefully told me that someone from work had brought a box of brownies to the office that his wife made. Apparently, they were so amazingly delicious, he needed more! Luckily, that same wife also makes these brownies for her business: Panna’s Brownies. He ordered a box within the hour. Of course, the thought of a home delivery of brownies (awesome!) excited me, but how good could they really be? After all, “brownies” and “delicious” are supposed to go together, aren’t they?

When the package fell through our mailbox Tuesday morning (yes they fit through the box, no waiting around required), I left them on the counter to eat later that evening (confession: the sheer weight of the package had me mistaken them for a book). But when MF came home, his illuminated face quickly alerted me that this was no book at all, oh no. It was the brownies!!

We opened the box, carefully decorated with sweet handmade touches, to find 12 perfect gluten free salted caramel brownies. YESSSS!!! We decided to plate up two each, adding the salted caramel sauce on top (which comes on the side) and a little scoop of vanilla ice cream. PERFECTION! Inside, the brownies are moist, the perfect balance between gooey and dense, with just a little bit of crunch from the crust. Honestly, with or without the sauce, I would call it a home run, but I happen to be a huge salted caramel fan and that little extra kick of salty and sweet is brilliant. Overall ranking: Easily in the top three we’ve had all year (and we eat a lot of brownies!).

Panna’s Brownies taste like the special treat your mom always made for you on a bad day: comforting, home made, and delicious. I love the fact that the baker (mom to a baby boy) uses organic, fair trade, and free range products, and that you can even add a personalised message if sending as a gift. MF’s card read “Brownie Points” – and they were well earned!

Her kitchen is in north west London but you can easily order a box of Panna’s Brownies through her website.

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