Unusual Places to Drink in LDN

Europe, especially London, is a great place to be if you’re in need of a drink! Wine, Pimms, bubbly, beer…whatever your preference, you can find it here….and just about anywhere! Here is a list of some of the more unusual spots you can get your drink on: HAIR SALONS Charles Worthington in the West End and The…

Gisele Intimates

Pregnancy Boobs Meet Lingerie

So what’s the most exciting thing about being pregnant? Finding out the gender! OK after you’ve found out the gender AND felt the little one moving around for the first time…the most exciting thing about being pregnant is….. the boobs!! They jiggle, they fill out a bra, they have given me the gift of cleavage! I…


Shop: French Connection Espadrilles

Hearing the word espadrilles is like sunshine in my ears. After months of thick socks and leather boots, espadrilles mean sunnier months are upon us. Take advantage of French Connection’s online sale page to find this classic favourite in various styles for less than half their original price. I personally have my eye on the…



Milagros Schmoll, the Buenos Aires born fashion model, is totally “my type.” For some reason, I’ve always had a thing for female red heads. Fair skin. Blue eyes. Freckles. It’s a date. I find it absolutely enchanting. Funny enough, I’ve only ever dated brunette men, except for one – and it was the one I…

Panna's Brownies

Home Delivery: Panna’s Brownies

A couple weeks ago, MF gleefully told me that someone from work had brought a box of brownies to the office that his wife made. Apparently, they were so amazingly delicious, he needed more! Luckily, that same wife also makes these brownies for her business: Panna’s Brownies. He ordered a box within the hour. Of course, the thought…

Petite Meller

Video: Petite Meller’s “Backpack” Remix

First-time music video director Natalie Neal captures the song’s french, flirty, and bubble-gum pop vibe with bubbles, keleidoscopes, rosy cheeks, and a stack of pancakes. Fun and provocative.  

Parrot Zik

Parrot Zik Headphones

A few months ago, MF and I found ourselves in the Atlanta airport with some time to spare. Like anyone, there are only two things to do at an airport: eat and shop. After wiping the fast food grease off our fingers, we decided to poke around the electronics store for some headphones. Bam! Right…


Video: Awwwkward HBO Go Ads

I could NOT stop laughing when I saw this advert. We’ve all been through it before: having the enormous misfortunate of finding ourselves seated next to a parent as a sex scene unfolds onscreen. Things start getting steamy….flirtatious…and we just pray that slut doesn’t take off her pants while you’re sharing a bowl of popcorn…

Sarah GAwler

Photographer: Sarah Gawler

Finding the right photographer for your wedding is one of the most important steps in the planning process. This might be obvious for us arty-fartsy types, but it should be for you too! They are responsible for immortalising your wedding day for years…decades…centuries to come! No pressure. But seriously, a good photographer should not only…

SLOMO, Pacific Beach

Video: Who is SLOMO?

Anyone whose ever visited or lived in Pacific Beach, California, knows about SLOMO. I first learned of him one summer in high school while working at a beach shop along the boardwalk. All of a sudden, there he was. This old man, frozen in some sort of yoga position, gliding by on roller blades. His movements slow. His…