One Hilariously Sexy American: Matthew Rhys

Matthew Rhys, who plays undercover Russian agent Philip Jennings on The Americans, isn’t actually American, but Welsh. And has an adorable accent to prove it. If you’re a fan, you may already know that Season Four of the Americans is meant to start next week – YESSS!! Finally answers to what will happen with Pastor Tim! – and in my excitement, I’ve decided to put the spotlight on Felicity’s soon-to-be baby daddy (Yup, the beautiful Keri Russell is pregnant).

While poking around the internet to read about the new season of The Americans, I stumbled upon some interviews with Matthew Rhys, and he is just lovely! And has a great sense of humour. So for all The Americans fan-freaks out there like me, below are a few funny videos with the 41 year old actor, to tide you over until we can watch him put on that horrendous blonde toupee again…








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