Olivia Wilde Breastfeeding for Glamour Magazine

olivia wilde

Olivia Wilde brings her new momma sexiness to the cover of US Glamour’s September issue…and inside it’s pages, proves that women “can be someone who is at once maternal and professional and sexy and self-possessed.” I’m a huge fan of hers. Not only because she derived her “stage name” from writer Oscar Wilde, but because her inner beauty is what makes her gorgeous. In a world of meritless celebrity, Olivia emerges as a quiet role model who’s artistic talent, political engagement, humanitarian efforts, maternal commitment, and humorous wit (she’s engaged to Jason Sudeikis after all!) are just part of who she is. As the daughter of 60 Minutes producer Leslie Cockburn, she clearly was raised with the gumption to live by her own rule book – which essentially means, there should be no rules!

In the spread, she’s photographed by Patrick Demarchelier breastfeeding her 3-month old son, Otis, in a Roberto Cavalli dress and Prada heels – a look which she quickly admits is not her usual breastfeeding attire. I’m wondering how long that lasted before her diaper-less son peed all over her…!! Apparently she needed to feed him during the shoot, which she could have done off camera, but decided that as it’s part of her life, they might as well include it. While some may get squeamish about seeing a breastfeeding woman, as someone who will hopefully be doing it very soon, I find it beautifully empowering. Giving life to another human being while simultaneously posing elegantly for a photo shoot – now that’s female multitasking at its best.

olivia wildeolivia wilde

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