Man VS Woman: The Sexiest Fight Scenes Against the Opposite Sex

What’s better than a good fight scene? A fight scene between lovers of course! Below are some of the sexiest movie scenes to celebrate our longest standing rivalry: the opposite sex. Spoiler Alert: Despite their frilly lingerie, I’m pretty sure it’s the women who kick the most ass! 😉

ROUND ONE: Zoe Saldana VS Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Losers



ROUND TWO: Angelina Jolie VS. Brad Pitt in Mr and Mrs Smith



ROUND THREE: Armie Hammer VS. Alicia Vikander in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.



ROUND FOUR: Sean Connery VS Bambi and Thumper in Diamonds are Forever



ROUND FIVE: Sandra Bullock VS Benjamin Bratt in Miss Congeniality



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