Magnificent Baby: The Easiest Way to Dress Your Baby in Style



When my adorable little Archiebear was born, my friends and family kindly gave us some of the most incredible baby clothes. As it turns out, the most elegant little numbers seem to have a minimum of about thousand minuscule buttons that you’re meant to fasten all while your baby either screams, kicks you, or tries to roll over. Yes, they look amazingly chic once you manage to push through that last itty-bitty button, but let’s just say, it can be a struggle.  You find yourself cursing the button gods…why god, why put so many damn buttons on baby clothes!!??

Well, I’m here to tell you there is an alternative! One of those baby gifts I received was a charming little outfit from Magnificent Baby, a children’s clothing company that uses “Smart Close” technology (i.e. magnets), so you can quickly and easily get your baby in and out of clothes. And practical does not mean unfashionable! I can tell you, Magnificent Baby has super cute hoodies, jackets, bodysuits and dresses, many of which are reversible with fun patterns (like my son’s “hot dog cardigan“)! To all the parents out there, especially new parents, I promise that having just a few of their clothes in your baby’s closet will definitely make your life easier!

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