Ludovico Einaudi Plays on Ice to Save the Arctic

What does 8 million voices sound like as a piece of music? Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi partnered with Greenpeace to play an “Elegy for the Arctic.” Floating on a glacier-shaped platform in Svalbard, Norway, Europe’s gateway to the Arctic, Einaudi’s music is as chilling as the ice that surrounds him. A reminder of the consequences of inaction.

This week, “delegates at the OSPAR Commission meeting in Tenerife, Spain, have an opportunity to take an important step in protecting the Arctic. The proposal before them would safeguard 10% of the Arctic ocean, an area roughly the size of the UK,” states Greenpeace’s website.  “The Arctic ocean is the least protected sea in the world, its high seas currently have no legal safeguards. As the ice cover decreases with rising temperatures, this unique area is losing its frozen shield, leaving it exposed to reckless exploitation, destructive fishing trawlers and risky oil drilling. The OSPAR Commission has a mandate to protect the marine environment of the northeast Atlantic, including part of the Arctic ocean. But three countries, Norway, Denmark and Iceland, who are listening to corporate interests, are keen to stop that from happening.”

Even if you can’t play the piano, you can still make some noise to protect the arctic! Visit Greenpeace’s website now and sign the petition.  


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