Our Honeymoon in Capri

  • La Fontelina
    La Fontelina

Last year, Monsieur Frenchie and I took a delayed honeymoon to Capri, and it was absolute bliss! Why delayed? We had just spent the year before getting married traveling around the world, so felt the need to really deserve those morning mozarella balls and spa pampering before actually going. Tick tock, a year and a half of working in London later, and off we went!

Thanks to our registry at Printemps (and the extreme generosity of our guests!) we were able to easily book a hotel at the Villa Marina where we stayed for five glorious nights. While you often hear horror stories of streets jam packed with tourists, vacationing there in May proved fairly calm and tourist-free. Of course, it helped that we could escape any potential mayhem by retreating to our lovely boutique hotel during the afternoon to relax by the pool.

I went to Capri on vacation with my family when I was about ten, and always wanted to return for my honeymoon – though slightly nervous that the intoxicating memories would never live up to reality. But in fact, it was better! Despite what Herve Vilard sang, Capri…non non c’est pas fini (translation: Capri isn’t over!)!

There are a few places we visited that I feel I absolutely must share with you! On our second night as honeymooners, we booked a table at the famous Da Paolino, commonly known as the restaurant underneath the lemon trees. Fresh simple food. Italian chatter around you. The smell of citrus. The restaurant is an atmospheric aphrodisiac. And should be on any honeymooners list!

One of our favourite afternoons on the island was the day we spent relaxing at La Fontelina, a secluded beach club located just across from the Faraglioni. As we were escorted to our lounge chairs positioned just at the edge of the rock, looking out at a sea of turquoise and bright blue sky, the phrase “life doesn’t get much better than this” was all we could really think. For an afternoon bite, grab a Caprese salad and some crusty bread from the cafe or head inside for the full dining experience.

In my mind, limoncello will always and forever be associated with my honeymoon. In the late afternoons, MF and I would go to the piazetta and soak up the sun’s last rays at one of the cafes. I highly recommend sipping on a shot of limoncello while doing a bit of people watching. You WILL be entertained!

Our goodbye dinner was booked at Da Gelsomina alla Migliera situated at the very top of the mountain in Anacapri, affording diners incredible views of the island and surrounding turquoise waters. We arrived just in time to watch the sunset as we drank some of their home grown organic red wine and shared a plate of Fiori di Zucca Fritte con Ricotta di Bufala e Pomodori (translation: fried zucchini flower stuffed with buffalo ricotta). The staff were extremely warm and welcoming, and we left that evening wishing we could stay on the island of Capri forever!

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  1. AH…..CAPRI ET LIMOCELLO !!!!! Lucky guys !!! I LOVE it there !! Did you go to the Blue Grotto ??? Fantastic !

  2. Love the article. My hubby and I are going to Capri the first week in June 2017.
    May I ask which hotel you stayed in?

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