Italian Translations: How to Eat Your Way Through Italy


Your mouth is starting to water. Your stomach grumbles at each word… “spaghetti” … “parmigiano” … “gnocchi” …. “mozzarella”… You’ve come all the way to Italy to take your stomach on holiday, and now you can’t seem to find the words to get your order in fast enough! Don’t fret, we’re here to help! Below are some useful italian phrases that will have a glass of red and a plate of Bucatini Carbonara on your table faster than you can say “Mamma Mia!” Buon appetito!

Mi porta il menù?
May I see the menu, please?

C’è una specialità locale?
Is there a local specialty?

Cosa mi può raccomandare?
What can you recommend?

Qual’è la specialià del giorno?
What is the daily special?

Qual’è la zuppa del giorno?
What is the soup of the day?

Scusi. Vorremmo ordinare.
Excuse me. We would like to order, please.

Vorremmo ordinare degli antipasti.

We would like to order appetizers, please.

Vorrei cominciare ad ordinare da bere.
I’d like to order something to drink to start with.

Vorrei il bis!
I would like a refill, please!

Io vorrei…
I would like…

una bottiglia di vino
A bottle of wine

Il cibo era delizioso!
The food was delicious!

I miei complimenti allo chef!
Give my compliments to the chef!

Vorrei pagare per favore.
I would like to pay, please.

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