Harvard Commencement Speech: Wise Words from Natalie Portman

Yesterday, Natalie Portman spoke to Harvard’s 2015 graduating seniors, sharing her own experiences as a student, her evolution as a woman, and why we should never doubt ourselves. She begins her inspirational commencement speech by reading out her response when first asked to speak at Harvard, an email that was made public due to the recent Sony hacks. “Wow, this is so nice! I’m gonna need some funny ghost-writers – any ideas?”

The Academy Award-winning actress uses this confession as a springboard to discuss questions of worthiness, confidence, and perseverance. Taking on anything new – whether it be moving to a new place, taking on a new job, or even giving a commencement speech – can be daunting. But, she explains that sometimes inexperience can actually be in our favour. It can be an asset. Your mind is free to be creative and innovative rather than confined to ‘the way things have always been done.’ A good reminder for all of us! Watch Natalie’s full commencement speech below:


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