Giving Birth to The Smoochies

Emily Packer

Hello world. Welcome to The Smoochies, my new lifestyle blog! I’ve decided to create this digital scrapbook – part diary, part creative outlet, and part day-to-day tips – to offload the thoughts and ideas bouncing around in my brain, all into one place.

There is a second reason for embarking on this blogger’s journey….one which is currently growing bigger and bigger inside my belly (currently the size of a rutabaga).  So what does this (clearly awesome) unborn child have to do with The Smoochies?

While I can’t wait to kiss those tiny fingers and toes, smell my unborn baby’s head and become a mom for the first time, I’ve also promised myself to never lose my identity. Perhaps this is just a pregnant new mom bedtime story to help us sleep better at night, but either way, it’s one of my personal goals. I strongly believe (I’m looking at you Pamela Druckerman and Sheryl Sandberg!) that a woman really can be a mother, foodie, artist, professional, friend, wife, and world traveler. Maybe even have the energy to slip on a pair of stilettos from time to time. Hey, at least that’s the dream. Is it possible? Keep reading, and you might find out….

So who is this pregnant blogger you’re about to begin following? Let’s see….I’m an American based in LDN but constantly traveling for work and pleasure (one of the perks of living in London!), I’m obsessed with Maje, The Kooples, and All Saints – and would giddily shop there everyday if I could, hate people that attempt to get on the tube before everyone gets off (seriously what the f$%&!) and therefore give myself liberty to ram into them with my 5’2 frame, and lastly, I absolutely adore my career: making films! Films about love, films about life, anything that allows me to be creative and tell a story. Check out my websites and to see what I’m all about.

OK. So there you have it. The Smoochies has been born and just let out its first scream of life! To all you international ladies out there, I hope my creative space will provide you with a fun (and perhaps even educational) few minutes of reading to add to your day! Lights, camera, action!

5 thoughts on “Giving Birth to The Smoochies

  1. Well done Emily on the launch of your new blog ,it’s fabulous! I look forward to reading all about your fabulous adventures 😉 xx

  2. Way to go Emily !!! So proud of you !! Love your blog…lots of fun things to read and fantastic films !!! Keep up the good work !!! Can’t wait to meet the “mini blogger” ….Hurry up little guy and join the world ! He is for sure going to have a great Mom and Dad ! ( not to mention the awesome grandparents

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