Finger Bling: Gaia Repossi on Instagram

If you look up “Wedding Anniversary” on Wikipedia, you’ll find a chart that matches each year of marriage with a type of material – paper, wood, lace, sugar, etc. – which can be used as a fun guide for gift-giving. There are three categories: “Traditional US.”  “Traditional UK.” And “Suggested Modern Gift List Created by the Librarians at the Chicago Public Library.” Since MF and I have always said we’d celebrate our 10 year anniversary with something shiny, I have to say, I’m siding with the librarians! Rather than the UK and US suggested tin option, those intelligent ssshhh-ers have proposed “diamond jewellery” instead.  And diamond jewellery I will take!

One word: Repossi. I’m currently – though no doubt will forever be – obsessed with Repossi jewellery, specifically their rings! If one of these fantastic sparklers somehow found its way onto my finger in 10 years, I would have to hire a body guard to protect it. I love that they’re classic yet edgy…sexy yet sophisticated….rock n’ roll meets red carpet. Gorgeous, and completely one-of-a-kind. If we’re talking wedding ring upgrades, this is my pick.

Being that I’m such a fan, I’m of course following Gaia Repossi, the current artistic director and daughter of Alberto Repossi, on instagram. And so should if you. We can “ooo” and “aaah” over her finger bling creations together.  Above are some of my favourite pics.  And my favourite rings? The Berbère Collection.


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