Milagros Schmoll, the Buenos Aires born fashion model, is totally “my type.” For some reason, I’ve always had a thing for female red heads. Fair skin. Blue eyes. Freckles. It’s a date. I find it absolutely enchanting. Funny enough, I’ve only ever dated brunette men, except for one – and it was the one I ended up marrying. With her cropped strawberry hair, Milagros is my type of woman. Not just for her beauty – the woman is gorgeous, there’s no arguing that! – but for her street style as well. Wearing Balenciaga, Maria Cher, and Miu Miu on the streets of New York City, she looks effortless chic. Preppy meets rock n’ roll by mixing a collared shirt, chunky white sweater, and a slick black blazer up top, with gold sparkly pants and a studded leather bag. Top it all off with some tortoise shell sunnies – and you have some serious street style.

Photos taken by Youngjun Koo from I’m Koo

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