Video: Diesel’s A-Z of Dance

There are no words to explain how cool this video is: just watch it! Director Jacob Sutton has made me desperately wish I was either IN the video (with a fighting chance for the letter “q”), or had made it. Definitely downloading “Wut” by Leif for my workout playlist.

As stated on the Diesel website:
“Shot on the streets and rooftops of sunny LA, our A-Z of Dance shows you how to set hearts alight and clubs on fire. Float like an Arabesque, spin like a B-Boy, wobble like a Chicken Noodle Soup… it’s time to step up! In a very special project for i-D and Diesel, director Jacob Sutton has captured the world’s hottest dancers walking in the air in their Jogg Jeans and cut-offs. Lil Buck shows us the way of Memphis Jookin, super-thighs Nicole the Pole – star of Rihanna’s “Pour It Up” video – takes us to a whole other level and, fresh from the Rick Owens catwalk, the Soul Step team show us how to dance to Le1f. Combining denim, jersey and 360° stretch, Diesel’s Jogg Jeans allow successful krumping for all. Enjoy!”

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