A Cleanse from the Inside Out: The Detox Kitchen


I’ve now eaten at The Detox Kitchen deli twice. It recently opened on Kingly Street in Soho – their second London location – and it lures me in whenever I’m in the hood. From the clean, au-natural decor, to the self-serve pitcher of cucumber infused water, to the friendly staff, to the smell of fresh cut grass (that would be the wheatgrass), I admit I feel a waft of “my body is my temple” smugness just stepping inside. Now, many health food spots have profited off this very feeling, ignoring the fact that what we’re actually paying for is the food. However, at The Detox Kitchen that’s not the case.  If you’re hungry…if you’re doing a cleanse…if you want a guilt-free, satisfyingly tasty meal….go there!! At the end of the day, it’s all about the food.

They offer large carb-free salmon or chicken burgers, roasted butternut squash and eggplant frittatas (a personal favourite), and a selection of this-tastes-too-good-to-be-that-healthy salads. You can either customise your own meal or grab one of their pre-made lunch packs to-go. Feeling thirsty? Order a juice or smoothie from their list of fruit and/or veg combinations and clean out the remnants of last weekend’s shenanigans.  It’s a small little place in soho, but a place that is most appreciated…mostly by your liver.

Here’s some more good news for workaholics, lazy people, and anyone with an office nearby….. After exploring their website, it turns out that they also offer a home delivery service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everything is gluten-free, seasonal and delivered every morning fresh to your door.  I would suggest letting the office take care of the bill if possible as prices are a little – well – pricey. But if you’re adamant about eating healthy even in the busiest of times, then it seems well worth the splurge. Check out their home-delivery meal packages here. Just don’t forget to check your teeth for kale.

Personal note to the Detox Kitchen: You should switch your plastic to-go containers with recycled cardboard ones instead.

Photos courtesy of The Detox Kitchen website.

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