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10 Days in COLOMBIA: Travel Notes

When we started telling people we were going to Colombia on vacation, the first question was always the same. “Isn’t it dangerous?” “You know you can just buy drugs in London!” my godfather joked. The Netflix series Narcos had just aired, and Pablo Escobar and the drug wars were fresh in peoples minds again. Of course, much has changed… Read More

SLOMO, Pacific Beach

Video: Who is SLOMO?

Anyone whose ever visited or lived in Pacific Beach, California, knows about SLOMO. I first learned of him one summer in high school while working at a beach shop along the boardwalk. All of a sudden, there he was. This old man, frozen in some sort of yoga position, gliding by on roller blades. His movements slow. His… Read More


Our Honeymoon in Capri

Last year, Monsieur Frenchie and I took a delayed honeymoon to Capri, and it was absolute bliss! Why delayed? We had just spent the year before getting married traveling around the world, so felt the need to really deserve those morning mozarella balls and spa pampering before actually going. Tick tock, a year and a… Read More