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Q & A with Bicyclette’s Californian Patisserie Chefs

When I learned about Katie’s Californian patisserie, Bicyclette, over in San Francisco, I desperately wished an ocean and the entire United States didn’t separate my mouth from her creations. Take a look at her website, and tell me, Londoners, that you don’t feel the same! Fresh Californian ingredients, French technique, drool-worthy flavour combinations and two amazing chefs….I had… Read More


Finger Bling: Gaia Repossi on Instagram

If you look up “Wedding Anniversary” on Wikipedia, you’ll find a chart that matches each year of marriage with a type of material – paper, wood, lace, sugar, etc. – which can be used as a fun guide for gift-giving. There are three categories: “Traditional US.”  “Traditional UK.” And “Suggested Modern Gift List Created by the Librarians… Read More