A Brow Tail of Caution

  • Natalie Portman, German Vogue

Many of us have lived through a time when thin brows were AWESOME! The thinner the better! Remind yourselves by taking a quick gander at Drew Barrymore or J.Lo from the 90’s and you’ll see what I mean. I guess we didn’t care too much about making facial expressions back then… I definitely was “in with the times” during those years, if you know what I mean.

Skip ahead to present day, and big brows are everywhere! I’m obsessed with them. Love a good brow. Unfortunately, those of us who over-waxed while singing 50 cent’s “In Da Club” now have fewer hairs to plump up. Enter gel, powder or pencil. But despite the help of beauty products, years of waxing and tweezing (anything on your body) will ultimately leave its mark. Just remember this: trends come in and out but “au natural” never goes out of style. Case and point, all that’s happening above Natalie Portman’s eyes.

So for all of you with an eyebrow appointment coming up, I’ve found a few brow-tastic women to remind you of the beauty and character that comes with a strong set of brows. Keep them safe! Even when the trend goes back to looking like this!

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