Boredom Cure for Long Journeys: Ted Radio Hour


Ted Radio Hour is an absolute obsession of mine. It’s like an audio wheat grass shot, perking you up for the day with all the benefits that intelligence, science and expertise can bring.  I often need to travel by car for several hours at a time for work, and Ted Radio Hour always comes to my rescue. After finishing each episode on subjects such as “Getting Better,” “The Five Senses,” “Simply Happy,” “Why We Lie” or “The Money Paradox,” I take out my ear phones feeling more curious, adventurous and inspired. I get that tingly feeling that I often got at the end of a great lecture in college – nerd alert! – that makes you look at the world a little differently.

Guy Raz is the TRH host – who I actually thought looked completely different until looking up his photo for this article – strange what your mind puts together with just a voice. Anyway, he is a master at weaving together Ted Talks and one-on-on interviews with 4-5 experts, scientists, professors, ordinary people…on any given topic, covering everything from Love to Animals to Violence to Democracy. I can’t wait for my next excuse to listen to the latest episode “Painfully Funny.”

Most of you are probably familiar with Ted Talks already and have watched some on YouTube before, so if you enjoyed them even the tiniest bit, I highly encourage you not to miss out on these amazing Podcasts! Just search for Ted Radio Hour and pre-download a few episodes on your phone for your next journey – and hey for all of you traveling from the Middle East, thanks to Trump’s idiotic “larger than a cell phone” electronics ban, at least you’ll have several hours of entertainment from Ted Radio Hour once you’ve OD’d on airplane movies…

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