The Best Movie from 2014 You Probably Haven’t Seen

the one I love

….and the winner of that bold claim is….The One I Love, a smart, creative, and honest dark-romantic-comedy (is that a real genre? Well it should be…) starring Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass. I know award season is just around the corner, and we’ll soon be rushing out to see a whole new batch of films in 2015, but before we move forward, let’s first look back. MF and I saw this refreshing character-driven flick last year at the Sundance Festival screening in London, followed by a Q&A by the director Charlie McDowell.  Needless to say – considering this post’s title – it was the best movie I’d seen all year. Original. Fun. We left the movie theatre in discussion, hypothesising, questioning. This is what a good movie should do.

Now before I ramble on and create such high expectations that even if you do manage to see it, you’re disappointed, I’ll stop here….and simply leave you with the trailer. (Normally, I wouldn’t even suggest you watch the trailer, since for some odd reason, they’ve become 90 second condensed versions of all major plot points in a movie, ruining any suspense or joy of watching the full version. But finally here we have an example of a trailer that leaves you hungry for more.)

Warning: This is one of those movies you really shouldn’t read about before you see it! So just trust my word and watch it. A perfect date night movie!

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