Baggu: Say Farewell to Plastic Bags in Style

There’s really no longer any excuse to use plastic bags. Yes, they’re convenient, our lives are busy, we forget, blah blah blah….but we are intelligent enough to know that the harm they cause our environment seriously outweighs their momentary convenience. Despite this, somewhere between 500 billion and 1 trillion single-use plastic bags are still used worldwide every year, endangering wildlife, getting stuck in trees, and outliving us in already-crowded landfills.

More and more cities around the world are trying to introduce a ban on lightweight plastic bags, or at least charge a slight fee for using them, which I support 100%. This is already the case at most supermarkets in London, including M&S and Waitrose. And when I embarrassingly forget to bring my trusty reusable bag with me, I feel its more than fair to pay for one. Recently there’s been both support and outrage over bills being proposed to curtail the use of plastic bags in New York and California. But to me, this is a no brainer. Our reliance on plastic bags, whose lifespan is just 20 minutes long, needs to stop! Besides, why use plastic bags when there are so many cute and convenient alternatives?

Baggu, for example, creates simple and stylish reusable bags in a variety of bright colours and designs. They offer sizes Big ($12), Standard ($9) and Baby ($7) to suit your every need, folding up into a compact pouch so you can easily carry it around in your purse. You can use them over and over again – unlike their evil plastic cousin – and if they ever get dirty, just stick them in the wash. I love the poppy and sailor stripe designs!

Don’t be the last one using plastic bags when they’re finally banned in your town. Smart is sexy. And the smart thing to do for both our planet and our fellow man is to stop using them for good – and it’s easier than you think.  As Alex Padilla, a California State senator sponsoring the statewide ban, rightly said: “We lived for thousands of years without single-use plastic bags. I think we will be just fine without them.” I’d argue, we’ll be even better off. Nothing’s stylish about a plastic bag. Check out Baggu’s website here.

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