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Shopping on Etsy can be addictive, especially for baby clothes. One can easily get “college Facebook syndrome”…. as in, without realising it, hours of your life have suddenly slipped by.  There are so many unique pieces to discover, and at such reasonable rates, it’s hard to justify stopping! Plus miniature versions of things seem to be that much more mesmerising!

Over the last couple of months, I’ve definitely put in the time – and found loads of wonderful designers in the process. I now have a stylish Etsy shopping list for my baby to be (slideshow above). If they’re not in the baby’s closet already, they will be very, very soon!!

Top 10 Etsy Designers You Should Know 

1. TaluliStudio: This Israel based designer offers “comfy and funky clothes for your little one”.  Love her collection of baby balloon pants.

2. The Humble Lemon: If your baby boy needs to suit up for a special occasion, choose from one of dozens of basic onesies that have been transformed into “stylin’ cardigans.” Patterned, simple, striped – there is something here for everyone. Most include a bowtie, naturally.

3. Once upon a Daizy: Classic vintage baby clothes made by Marci and Sheri in Eugene, Oregan.

4. ZuliKids: Produced in the US, these outfits are as sweet as apple pie. Think southern charm.

5. Rae + Gun: Adorable handmade selection of onesies and diaper cover sets.

6. Sweet N Simple: Their name says it all, really. This is a great place to look if your baby boy needs a tie, vest or bow tie onesie for a wedding or special event.

7. Lakla: Her minimalistic knitted clothes and accessories will get you excited to cuddle!

8. Vintage and Virtue: Upcycled vintage fabric from the 1950’s is mixed with new designer cotton fabrics and transformed into adorable outfits for your little one. Excited to learn they have a stand at La Jolla’s Sunday Open Air Market as well.

9. SweetShopVintage: Groooovy baby, yeah! Search here for vintage pieces from the 60s and 70s.

10. Boogaloo Bubbywear: Not only is this company fun to say, they also offer 100% organic baby and children’s clothes made from ethically-sourced materials.

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