Amal Alamuddin: Her top 10 Looks

Whenever I see a photo of Amal Alamuddin…or Amal Clooney I should say….I’m always impressed. Not only because she’s an incredibly accomplished human rights lawyer (basically the type of girl I want my son to marry), but because despite her busy schedule, she can still put a great outfit together ….or at least her stylist can. While doing “research” for this post, I have to say, I learned this woman really takes fashion risks, often going for bold patterns and unexpected materials (think fringe). Of course, when you’re a gorgeous 37-year-old Lebanese-British stunner, it’s easy to pull off just about anything. Either way, I think we can all take a few style tips from Amal: well tailored pants, high-cropped jackets, structured waist-defining features, and a little edge when edge is due (notice the snake skin collar on her bright orange top). Her looks are fun meets classic, and the combination works! Oh, I’ll never forget that famous Giambattista Valli couture mini dress she wore in Venice. Now imagine this in a french accent….”Pur-feq-shun!”

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