wes anderson

Feeling Centred: Wes Anderson’s Film Style

  One of my favourite directors of all time is Wes Anderson – one of this year’s “Best Director” Oscar nominees for The Grand Budapest Hotel.  Although he didn’t win, his unique perspective and framing style will always mark his work as distinctly and undeniably “Wes Anderson.” From the Royal Tenenbaums to Moonrise Kingdom to The… Read More

the smoochies

The Best Movie from 2014 You Probably Haven’t Seen

….and the winner of that bold claim is….The One I Love, a smart, creative, and honest dark-romantic-comedy (is that a real genre? Well it should be…) starring Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass. I know award season is just around the corner, and we’ll soon be rushing out to see a whole new batch of films in… Read More


SMOOCH Films: Kelleigh + Jason Highlight Trailer

Creating this couple’s wedding video was an absolute pleasure! Their love and affection for each other jumps off the screen. So happy that these two wonderful people are now husband wife! xx For more of my wedding videos visit my website or vimeo page. Related: SMOOCH Films: Simon + Georgina Wedding Highlight Trailer SMOOCH Films: Jessica… Read More


Lessons from Parenthood: 10 Strange Truths About Newborn Babies and the People Raising Them

1. There is nothing sweeter than your baby falling asleep in your arms. Thus, in order not to wake him or her, you become incredibly talented at using your left (or whichever is not your normal) hand to complete basic tasks (writing, stirring, typing, opening doors, etc.). The feet also take on the new invaluable roles of claw… Read More


My Favourite Blog: Humans of New York

“What happened to your arm?”“I was walking down the stairs and looking at the stars.”(Amman, Jordan) Have you ever looked at a complete stranger and wondered “what’s their story?” I do. All the time. Luckily Humans of New York is there to satisfy our craving for answers… Brandon Stanton, the photographer and mastermind behind HONY, began taking pictures in 2010 after… Read More


Weekend Diary: Power of Summer Outdoor Cinema

A few weeks ago, MF and I went to the Power of Summer outdoor cinema at Battersea Power station to see The Full Monty. I know, I know….somehow I’ve managed to let 28 years go by without actually seeing it. And so we did, and yes it was fantastic. Not just the movie, but the whole… Read More


UNHCR Video: Angelina Jolie Tells Refugee Story of Love and Loss

This video is both powerful and beautifully produced. On her fourth visit to refugee camps in northern Thailand, Angelina Jolie meets Baw Meh, a 75 year old Karenni refugee who fled Myanmar’s Kayah state in 1997. Her husband passed away last year while they were still living at Ban Mai Nai Soi camp, waiting hopefully and patiently to… Read More

olivia wilde

Olivia Wilde Breastfeeding for Glamour Magazine

Olivia Wilde brings her new momma sexiness to the cover of US Glamour’s September issue…and inside it’s pages, proves that women “can be someone who is at once maternal and professional and sexy and self-possessed.” I’m a huge fan of hers. Not only because she derived her “stage name” from writer Oscar Wilde, but because her inner beauty… Read More

chet faker

Quirky Music Videos for Chet Faker

I first learned about Australian musician Chet Faker in reference to his soulful remake of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity.” The original is one of my favourite songs of all time (I knew all the lyrics in 6th grade) and thus the thought of anyone trying to come out with a better rendition seemed as promising as my karaoke performance of… Read More


Our Pregnancy Photos in SW9

When I entered my third trimester, I knew I wanted to have pregnancy photos taken. Up until then, my bump was quite small. Most people struggled to differentiate it’s appearance from just another English beer belly (…totally understandable – I’ve hesitated myself in the past). Unfortunately, unless I was simultaneously carrying around a jar of pickles and complaining… Read More