Harvard Commencement Speech: Wise Words from Natalie Portman

Yesterday, Natalie Portman spoke to Harvard’s 2015 graduating seniors, sharing her own experiences as a student, her evolution as a woman, and why we should never doubt ourselves. She begins her inspirational commencement speech by reading out her response when first asked to speak at Harvard, an email that was made public due to the recent Sony hacks. “Wow,… Read More


Style Spotlight: Emma Stone Always Gets it Right

Somehow Emma Stone just always gets it right. Theres not much more to say…the pictures are proof: if you ever become famous or ridiculously wealthy contact her stylist asap! Throughout the years she’s proven that “dressing for your body type” (that annoying comment people say but we never know exactly what it means) works. My… Read More


May/June: Upcoming Documentary Screenings at the Frontline Club

Calling all documentary enthusiasts! The Frontline Club has a brilliant line-up of film screenings over the next few weeks, complete with Q&A’s with the directors. From the life-threatening journey to Europe by sea to the mistreated fruit and vegetable pickers in California to an urban dirt bike gang in Baltimore, there’s something here for everyone. Just check out the trailers below!… Read More


It’s laugh o’clock: Time to Watch some hilarious videos

Cheer up Charley! Yes, your long weekend has come to an end (Thanks May Day!), but below are some pretty darn funny videos that are sure to turn that frown upside down…. Enjoy Key & Peele, I Said Biiitch: Mortal Combat Elevator Prank: Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong: Devil Baby Attack in New York City:… Read More

George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin

Amal Alamuddin: Her top 10 Looks

Whenever I see a photo of Amal Alamuddin…or Amal Clooney I should say….I’m always impressed. Not only because she’s an incredibly accomplished human rights lawyer (basically the type of girl I want my son to marry), but because despite her busy schedule, she can still put a great outfit together ….or at least her stylist can. While doing “research” for… Read More


Undefeated Documentary: Football Reveals Character

MF and I recently watched the 2011 Oscar winning documentary, Undefeated. I have to admit, I’m a true sucker for sports movies, but this one is truly one of my favourites.  If you’re not a huge sports fan, play sports or even exercise, don’t worry. This is one of those movies that isn’t really about… Read More


It’s a Girl: Names Fit for a Princess

A baby has been born!! …and that baby is a real live princess! After much hypothesising over whether royal baby number two will be a boy or a girl, the country seems delighted to finally know that Prince George has a sister. Now the next big question is….drumroll please….what will they name her!?? Perhaps you or someone… Read More


The Telepathic Mommy Club

One of the surprising things about becoming a mom is the camaraderie. You know how when you’re out running (particularly in shitty weather conditions) and a fellow runner passes you by, looks you in your sweat-stained eyes, and nods? The Nod, of course, says, “I feel you, girl. We’re pretty awesome right now running in the… Read More

the smoochies

How to Spot a Parent

I remember a few months after having my little boy, I went out for a much needed coffee run with Archie in the baby bjorn. Outside, in the London “fresh air,” I ran into my neighbour – a mother of two kids. She congratulated me, we chatted, and then she said something I’ll never forget. “With… Read More

wes anderson

Feeling Centred: Wes Anderson’s Film Style

  One of my favourite directors of all time is Wes Anderson – one of this year’s “Best Director” Oscar nominees for The Grand Budapest Hotel.  Although he didn’t win, his unique perspective and framing style will always mark his work as distinctly and undeniably “Wes Anderson.” From the Royal Tenenbaums to Moonrise Kingdom to The… Read More